"Is this your first time with a girl? Well, no wonder you're nervous."

No last name given.

Alison is one of many artists Jane gets to know at an artist's colony where she spends the summer.

At first, Jane and Alison get along very well, trading sarcastic barbs about their poseur mentor Daniel Dotson and spending, presumably, a considerable amount of time together. Alison seems to be the only other person at the camp that Jane can relate to in any way - when Alison urges Jane to mingle with the other artists (Paris, Ana´s, Caroline, unnamed guy), they give her the cold shoulder.

However, all comes to a screeching halt when it turns out that Alison is actually bisexual and has been trying to seduce Jane the entire time. Alison claims to have picked up a "vibe" from Jane, but this is likely a ploy on her part. Jane runs away, but later goes back, feeling uncertain about the whole thing - especially since Alison claimed to be very good at spotting girls with lesbian tendencies. Jane comes to her senses when she realizes that Alison moved on to Daniel.

Assuming that Alison is being truthful in her conversations with Jane (and not just saying what it takes to get into her pants), Alison envies Jane for her talent and focus at such a young age, and wishes she could be back in high school knowing what she knows now.

Alison does pastels, presumably among other things, and expresses some dismay over the fact that galleries don't think much of her work. This may be part of the reason she hooks up with Daniel later on - Jane definitely thinks part of her motivation is to meet some gallery owners through him.

Alison's fate after the summer is not known.


First Appearance: Is It Fall Yet?