"Quinn, I know that plenty of guys want to go out with you, and plenty of girls want to go out with me. And that makes me think we should be together."

One of Quinn's admirers.

Skyler has a date with Quinn on the night that she was supposed to be babysitting the Gupty kids (Tricia, Tad).  On that occasion, he took Quinn to Chez Pierre and spent $86.75 on dinner.

He feels that, since both he and Quinn are highly sought after by the opposite sex, they should go out together. Quinn agrees, at least until the weather grows cold (Skyler's family owns a boat, but Taylor's family has a ski lodge!).

He drives a convertible, thereby getting extra points in Quinn's book.

His best friend is Eric (never shown) who apparently also dates Quinn.


First Appearance: Pinch Sitter