"Compact discs were forced upon consumers so that record companies could increase their profit margins."

One of two Gupty children.

Like his sister Tricia, Tad has been raised to be a perfect little boy. His interests include clean energy sources, weather forecasting, and oral hygiene. He also enjoys dancing to an elderly, scratched record that plays a song about self-esteem. He is familiar with the Babar series of children's books.  Usually, his babysitter is Quinn, but on one fateful night it's Daria.

After a night with Daria as a babysitter, Tad learns to appreciate some of the finer things in life, such as mud wrestling. He retains most of his angelic personality (at least in public). He's not afraid to stand up for his beliefs, such as animal's rights, and calls Sandi a mean old witch for using products tested on animals.

Tad was once lost at a Homecoming parade, but fortunately Daria came to his rescue and stayed with him until he found his parents.


First Appearance: Pinch Sitter