"I'm not giving up. I'm determined to lie here on the couch until things turn around."

An imaginary older Trent from Daria's imagination.

The Trent of Daria's imagination is even lazier and less motivated than the real Trent. Future Trent spends every day lying on the couch, drinking beer and waiting for Mystik Spiral to make it big even though he never takes the slightest action necessary to make it happen.

He says he needs to get his tattoo removed because it reminds him of how he's wasted his life, but since Trent Jr. needs glasses, it'll have to wait.

Future Trent and Daria never actually got married, because he overslept.

Daria's vision of the future is the beginning of the end of her crush on Trent, though it is briefly rekindled when the real Trent suggests that he would ask her out if she were older. This statement inspires another fantasy in which Daria imagines a successful, grateful Trent who calls her the "Best thing that's ever happened to me".


First Appearance: Lane Miserables