"Well, I just made 120% of my target projection for this year, earning me a bonus and an incentive check, so I'm pretty damn good. How are you?"

Sandi's mother.

Linda Griffin is seemingly the inspiration for Sandi's attitude and behavior. She is at least as smug, manipulative, and egotistical as her daughter. They even speak with the same nasal accent.

Linda Griffin is the VP of Marketing for KSBC, and was a news anchor before Sandi was born.  The high point of her career was when she interviewed Rosalynn Carter.  She is also on the board of the Lawndale Businesswoman's Alliance.

Linda's dealings with Helen Morgendorffer generally follow the same pattern as some of Sandi and Quinn's more combatative encounters. There is definitely a spirit of none-too-friendly rivalry under a thin layer of false civility. Linda generally seems to get the best of Helen, mostly because she is less concerned with keeping up the illusion of being polite and friendly.

She is married to Tom Griffin, and has two other children besides Sandi: Sam and Chris.

On one occasion, she advised a young Sandi not to volunteer for anything, telling her that "To volunteer is to say 'use me'."


First Appearance: Gifted