"You Suck!"

Sandi's younger brother.

Sam is twelve years old (season two) and a little brat. He likes to hit his brother Chris and occasionally hits Sandi as well.

He and Chris both have a crush on Quinn, but oddly they don't actually fight over her. It's possible that they realize that neither one of them actually stand a chance with her.

Sam is among the customers that give Mack a hard time during his summer job as an ice cream truck driver, telling him that he sucks.

Chris and Sam were once bickering over a remote control truck, accidentally activating it and tripping their sister Sandi so that she fell down the stairs and broke her leg. The two of them have the decency to at least look sorry they did it.

At some point, Sam and Chris gave Quinn some pictures of Sandi in fifth grade wearing huge braces.

Chris and Sam join in with a number of other kids throwing popcorn at Jake when he goes to a movie.


First Appearance: Gifted