"You'll need a sense of humor to tangle with our little devils!"

Parents of Tad and Tricia Gupty.

Lester and Lauren seem perfect for each other, in that they are an extreme example of a sensitive new-age couple, raising their children to be perfect little angels in the process. They are also involved in couples therapy - among their clients are the Morgendorffers (Helen, Jake).

The Gupty home is almost unbearably cutsie, inside and out, and this attitude is well-reflected in the home's owners. They have locked out all TV stations except the Weather Channel, encourage their children to be aware of current events and global issues, and are very annoyingly sweet, nice, and happy.

Quinn usually baby-sits their kids, but Daria takes over for one evening to get out of family therapy. One assumes that after exposure to Daria, the household is never quite the same again.

The Guptys have attended at least one Lawndale Homecoming parade, at which Tad was lost and Daria helped him find his parents again. The Guptys award Daria for her services by promising extra carrot sticks just for her next time she comes over.

The Guptys were also seen on the trolley in that Mall of the Millennium parking lot, though they did not acknowledge Daria at that time.  On another occasion, Lester is seen riding a bicycle with one of the Doo-Dad shop employees, indicating that they might know each other - unsurprising considering the Guptys' decorating scheme. (Note - this happened in "Too Cute" thanks to Jill for this little tidbit!)

Lester Gupty has remarked that police officers too often use excessive force in their quest for pacification.

Editor's note: Lester and Lauren are listed together in the database because they seem to share a single mind and personality.


First Appearance: Pinch Sitter