"Excuse me, Daria. I'm going to go retrieve my husband before he breaks his hand and I have to dress two babies every morning."

Jodie's mother.

Michelle seems to carry around a lot of resentment, probably mostly due to the fact that her husband Andrew is the real controller in her marriage.

Before her son Evan was born, Michelle was a senior Vice President at U.S. World. She is now a homemaker. She is bitter about it.

Michelle is hypersensitive to racial remarks, and for that reason Helen Morgendorffer finds it nearly impossible to carry on a normal conversation with her - everything she says seems to get turned into something racist. By the end of their first meeting, Michelle is convinced that both the Morgendorffers are a couple of head cases.

During her next encounter with the Morgendorffers at an entrepreneurís conference, Michelle seems to have mellowed out a bit toward Jake (Helen isn't there) but her sensitivity is still very much evident as she takes offense to virtually everything her husband says. She complains that he characterizes her as "the woman behind the man". This may be part of the reason why she enjoys Daria's subtle barbs at Andrew's expense. Michelle and Daria end up hitting it off rather well at the conference.


First Appearance: Gifted