"You two mess up one more time and you're fired!"

No name given. Lifeguard at a public swimming pool in Lawndale.

This poor woman has the position of supervising Kevin and Brittany as they work as lifeguards over the summer. She becomes exasperated with them almost immediately, as she must rescue a struggling young swimmer while Kevin shows off his ripply muscles to Brittany.

She becomes further angered by their childish antics involving Kevin making fun of Brittany's chlorine-green hair and Brittany shoving Kevin into the pool - with the result that all the various kids figure that if the lifeguards can act that way, they can too!

The final straw comes when Brittany and Kevin give a demonstration on CPR to a group of youngsters, and end up playing tonsil tag with each other. At this point, they are fired, and it can be assumed that the lifeguard had a much more relaxed summer after that.


First Appearance: Is It Fall Yet?