"Gee Brit, you're really acting icky today!"

No last name given. Lawndale High cheerleader.

As a member of the cheerleading squad, Lisa is a friend of Brittany's - though that doesn't stop her from suggesting Brittany's replacement when she start to behave strangely on one occasion. She also suggests that Brittany's behavior (she's trying to talk about depressing subjects) is throwing off Kevin's game. Actually, Brittany is simply doing an assignment for O'Neill's class to fail at something, and has chosen to fail at being unpopular, so is actively trying to alienate people (and succeeding all too well). She approaches Jane as a replacement, as Jane is fulfilling the assignment by trying to be conventional. Apparently Lisa does not recognize Jane, asking if she's new at school.

Along with her fellow cheerleaders, Lisa is accepted into Great Prairie State University.


First Appearance: The F Word