"You know, I used to go out with my hair uncombed and stuff, but then I realized that by looking good, I'm bringing a little beauty into the lives of people surrounded by their own ugliness."

No last name given. Talcum powder model (whatever that is).

Marco encounters Quinn when he goes for an appointment at Tres Tress. He is immediately impressed by her sensitivity toward those who are less fortunate and can't afford nice haircuts, and asks her for a date. He suggests that they go to the Casino Night being sponsored by Lawndale High, mostly because he feels he looks really good on a boat.

He is self-obsessed, narcissistic, and shallow - all in all, not a bad match for Quinn. Upon his arrival at Tres Tress, four attendants immediately get to work on him.

Unfortunately for Quinn, Marco fails to pick her up or meet her at the ship for their date, and Quinn must deal with the fact that she's been stood up. Marco later turns up, having been confused about the exact time and location of their date, but regrettably Quinn never finds this out. Marco ends up hooking up with an overbearing woman named DeeDee, the wife of the owner of the boat.


First Appearance: Just Add Water