"My, Jake. Your wife seems a little tense."

No last name given. Along with her husband Lee, owner of the ship Princess Fairy.

DeeDee is a southern-belle-type, very forward and personable - not to mention grating. She is obviously unhappy in her marriage and considers her husband to be a cheap, uncaring bastard. She's probably right.

She takes an immediate shine to Jake, which gets shinier as her husband Lee and Helen Morgendorffer leave the scene (Helen having been turned off by DeeDee's personality). As Jake tries to show her the value of some properly applied marketing savvy, DeeDee improperly applies her hand to his thigh, and Jake beats a hasty retreat.

DeeDee selects O'Neill as her next target, but doesn't get far with him before Ms. Barch shows up and shoves DeeDee overboard.

She eventually makes it to shore and hooks up with Marco, who was to have been Quinn's date except that he turned up a few hours late.


First Appearance: Just Add Water