"So they said to me, why don't we just make you VP and have you take over the whole damn operation. And here I was, 29 years old!"

An old friend of Jake's and one in a long string of Rita's boyfriends.

Paul and Jake were in Boy Scouts together. Paul grew up to be somewhat more successful than Jake, even though he did have the setback of being Rita's date to her daughter Erin's wedding.

Apparently, Paul likes to play golf.

He has a hard time staying awake at Brian and Erin's wedding, but this can perhaps be forgiven as the officiator apparently likes to go on a lot.

At the age of 29, Paul was promoted to Vice-President of the unspecified company he worked for. This is presumably the source of his wealth. He owns a sailboat which figured somehow into the way he met Rita, whom he describes as a little flighty, but a tiger in the bedroom.


First Appearance: I Don't