Trent's best friend. Also rhythm guitarist for Mystik Spiral.

Jesse has a very relaxed attitude toward a lot of things - life, talking, thinking, shirts. He's living proof that it is possible to be more laid-back than Trent.

He usually wears black leather pants, a black leather vest, and no shirt. He once had a shirt, but apparently Trent threw up on it and hasn't replaced it yet. He is fond of Frosted Flakes.

On the way home from Alternapalooza, Jane slept on his shoulder and apparently enjoyed it.

Jesse and Trent write songs together for Mystik Spiral, sometimes staying up at all kinds of crazy hours to do it. Jesse prefers not to use the chord A diminished, claiming it causes him to develop cramps in his hand.

He has a very negative reaction when Tom uses the phrase "I really think we should talk" (note - Tom is not speaking of himself and Jesse, Jesse just happens to be there).

Jesse uses scented candles when bathing. It is uncertain whether he lights them or adds them to the water. Either way, the prospect makes Trent rather uncomfortable. Jesse claims that "chicks like 'em" although the Fashion Club happens to be nearby at the time, and their reaction is decidedly negative. He also shows his spiritual side when he tries to introduce the use of a sitar into Mystic Spiral, though the suggestion is not well-received by anyone else in the band - Max in particular.


First Appearance: The Road Worrier