"We're criminales! We live life on the edge! You go up against the Spiral, we're gonna take you down!"

Drummer for Mystik Spiral.

Max is a high-strung individual who fancies himself a "criminale" but he's really a chicken at heart. He is completely bald, presumably because he shaves his head, and has pierced ears and a nose ring.

He owns the Tank, a distressed black van that the band uses to cart their equipment around, but he almost never actually drives it. This is probably a good thing, considering his high-strung personality and his tendency to over-react.

Max seems to be intimidated by authority figures, particularly police, and is rather gullible. He was scared to tears when compelled to spend a few hours in jail in Fremont, but was placated when the cops made him a "junior deputy".

On occasion, Max will become passionate about what he feels is right for the band. An example of this is when he became angry with Jesse for trying to introduce a sitar. Jesse's assurances that the instrument would sound "spiritual" did nothing to convince Max. He also argues with Nick from time to time.

Max has tried his hand at writing lyrics, but Trent doesn't seem to think much of his talent in this area. For instance, they once had an argument over a line that Max wrote about the temperature dropping "below sub-zero" which Trent insisted was impossible.

According to official MTV sources, Max became Mystik Spiral's drummer because he was one of two people who answered the ad placed by Jesse and Trent. They decided on Max because he had his own drum kit.


First Appearance: Ill