"Isn't it really, really great when teachers come out like this to support the team? God, I hope they don't talk to us."

No last name given. Lawndale High cheerleader.

As a cheerleader, Nikki is a friend of Brittany's, and becomes concerned when Brittany starts acting strangely at a football game - then actively pissed off when Kevin deliberately throws an interception. Brittany is actually deliberately trying to be unpopular for an assignment given by Mr. O'Neill, though her friends don't know this and accuse her of throwing off Kevin's game (Kevin got the same assignment). Nikki and her fellow cheerleaders then approach Jane to be Brittany's replacement, as Jane is trying to act conventional (same assignment).

Nikki also rags on Brittany behind her back for being stupid, saying that Brittany can't even remember who she is sometimes, but then shows her own cluelessness when it is suggested that the squad needs some new faces. Nikki responds by saying she doesn't want a new face.

Along with her fellow cheerleaders, Nikki is accepted into Great Prairie State University.


First Appearance: The F Word