"What is it with your mother?"

No first name known. A doctor at Cedars of Lawndale Hospital.

Dr. Phillips took care of Daria while she had a mysterious rash. Apparently, he also took care of Mrs. Sullivan when she stayed in the room later occupied by Daria, and had reason to recall her with some trepidation.

Dr. Phillips is forced to endure a tirade by Helen Morgendorffer in which she all but threatens a malpractice lawsuit if Daria doesn't receive what she considers to be the attention she needs. Quinn immediately takes a shine to Dr. Phillips, who seems immune to her charms. Jane also finds him attractive, but is intelligent enough to keep it to herself and Daria.

Dr. Phillips is perceptive enough to determine that Daria's family is driving her nuts, and maneuvers them into leaving the room so Daria can get some peace.


First Appearance: Ill