"Yes, ma'am."

No last name given. Lawndale High student.

Robert is a football player and one of the few privileged enough to be allowed to sit at the other end of the table from the Fashion Club at lunch.

He also has a tendency to address people as "sir" or "ma'am" even if he's dating them at the time, though he ends up referring to Daria as "Darcy".

When he is set up on a date with Daria, Robert is provided by Quinn with a set of index cards with deep, brainy questions to ask, leading up to the real point of the evening, which is to try and re-acquire yearbook pages for sports and clubs (Daria is on the yearbook staff at the time). He fails due mostly to the fact that he is a moron. Later, he tries to hassle Daria and Ted while they are on a date, but ends up getting one-upped by Ted in a swordfighting virtual-reality game, and later becomes friends with Ted.

Robert later takes Brittany to a school dance due to her and Kevin having a spat. It turns out he is a terrible dancer, and Brittany calls the date short. Kevin becomes very angry when Brittany sets him up to see her and Robert making out, and Kevin starts a fight with him. He ends up getting much the worst of it as Robert breaks his jaw.

During the Homecoming parade, Robert reminds Kevin that they're supposed to throw candy, and joins in with his teammates in throwing candy hard enough to kill small animals.

Robert is in Daria and Jane's History class with Mr. DeMartino.


First Appearance: The New Kid