"Hmm… so this is gum! I like it!"

Lawndale Student, and almost Daria's boyfriend.

Ted is an extremely naïve and inexperienced boy who has been raised in virtual seclusion by his parents (Grant Clinton, Lesley DeWitt), who have home-schooled him. He convinced them to allow him to go to Lawndale High, where he met and became fascinated by Daria, due to her use of sarcasm and hyperbole.

He has been taught an astounding amount of information from books, particularly historical, but has little knowledge of the real modern world. He is fascinated by such concepts as video games, pizza, and particularly chewing gum. He's a big fan of the works of artist Francisco De Goya, and a photographer for the yearbook.

Ted's parents grow corn in the front yard of their house, which is also equipped with solar panels and a sofa made of wood (Georgia pine, very soft). Many assume that Ted is in a cult and that he is dating Daria, neither of which is actually true, but the more Daria denies it, the more it is generally believed to be true (the latter one).

To thank her for introducing her to gum and other modern amenities, Ted makes Daria a wooden necklace, which she turns down. Ted seems rather heartbroken over this, but gets her back (unintentionally) by comparing her to Quinn.

After a while, Daria actually does ask him out, and they go to an arcade to try out the virtual reality games. Ted is intrigued by the whole thing, and battles three other boys with swords (one of them is Robert). The date ends in disaster as Ted makes new friends among the popular crowd.

Ted was once seen sitting behind an injured Kevin Thompson at a Lawndale/Oakwood football game.

Ted became the yearbook photographer, and snapped a picture of Daria and Tom at the Homecoming parade, assuming they were a couple. They weren't at the time, but Ted's assumption was rather prophetic.


First Appearance: The New Kid