No name given.  Lawndale High Student.

A mysterious and silent figure who looks and dresses like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, this guy is seen in every episode somewhere in the background but never speaks, similar to Karen Disher.

He apparently arrived at Lawndale High at the same time as Daria and Quinn, as he is seen taking the tour with them on the first day.  Following that occasion, he shows up in the darndest places with no discernible pattern.

Indeed, "Shaggy" sometimes defies the laws of physics, appearing in several places at once or in places where he just shouldn't be.  For instance, at Brittany's party in "The Invitation" he is seen sitting on a couch in the background while the Popular Girl describes her classmates - only to be seen again standing in the foreground when the point of view shifts to what she is seeing!  Not only that, but he is clearly observed in the bleachers at one of Tommy Sherman's football games in a flashback sequence, looking exactly the same even though he should be five to six years younger.  Equally puzzling is his presence at Quinn's lunch table during the episode "Groped by an Angel" even though it can be assumed that he is not popular enough to warrant such a seat.

Curiously, "Shaggy" is usually dressed in a green T-shirt, but switches to a red one for the movie "Is It College Yet?".  This is noteworthy in that the Shaggy on Scooby-Doo made a similar change in one of the incarnations of his cartoon show.  Coincidence, or a SD fan on the Daria staff? 



First Appearance: Esteemsters