No names given.  They're squirrels, they probably doesn't have names.

Several squirrels feature prominently in "Daria".  It is possible that some of them are actually the same squirrel.

The first squirrel to appear freaks Daria out by watching her pee in the woods.  While Daria calls it a "squirrel pervert", it is more likely motivated by the peanut-butter stain on Daria's blue jeans than by any prurient interest in Daria herself.  (Thanks to Joe Gottman for reminding me of this important and pivotal character, who I'd neglected to place in the first draft of the database.)

Other squirrels chase Daria after her first shift at "It's a Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World" nut stand, drawn to the scent of peanuts clinging to her clothes.

Yet another squirrel gives Jake hell by continually knocking over his trash cans and creating a mess on the driveway - he also stands accused of digging up yards, though we see no evidence of this. Jake becomes obsessed with catching the squirrel, finally setting out a trap with his Thai peanut sauce and successfully trapping the beast. With the help of Tom and Jeffy, Jake returns the animal to the wild, a good distance outside of town.


First Appearance: Road Worrier