"You know, Jamie's a really sloppy kisser. I heard it from a girl!"

One of Quinn's three constant followers whose name starts with "J", last name unknown.

Like his cohorts Jamie and Joey, Jeffy is on the football team, is not terribly bright, and has an unhealthy obsession with Quinn.

Jeffy got a chance to score some points with Quinn during the Medieval fair, when he was selected to fill in for an absent Kevin. Unfortunately, his cohorts sabotaged his efforts.

On one occasion, Jeffy tried to win a Z-93 T-shirt by screaming on the air that he was "Mental in the Morning!!!!" Unfortunately, his best efforts were deemed insufficient, even though he nearly passed out.

On another occasion, Jeffy misheard O’Neill and was led to believe that Daria was actually an "atomic communist", and that Jane was an alien.

On still another occasion, Jeffy gave the Fashion Club a ride to the mall, where they forced him to wait in the car while they shopped. He became dehydrated and passed out as a result.

Jeffy's dad used to take him to a go-cart track just outside of Lawndale County. While on a mission to release a trapped squirrel into the wild with Tom and Jake Morgendorffer, he leads them to the track and they drive a few laps.

Along with the other two-thirds of the J's, Jeffy was once invited to join the Fashion Club (he was tricked into coming to the meeting by Stacy, who said there would be pictures of girls in bikinis). When the boys realized why they were really there, they ran.

Jeffy was actually invited to "meet the parents" and hit it off rather well with Jake Morgendorffer and Tom Sloane, who was there with Daria. Quinn gave him the pet name "Jeffy Lube". Although his exclusive relationship with Quinn lasted only a matter of hours, it's worth mentioning that he was the only one of the three J's who essentially dumped her, rather than the other way around.


First Appearance: The Invitation