"Then Sid -- Sid Vicious -- put his hand on my shoulder and said, 'Stan, you taught me how to play, you taught me how to look, you taught me attitude. You know what you did? You invented punk!' Two days later, he was dead."

No last name known.

Stan shares a jail cell with Mystik Spiral during their short period of incarceration in Fremont. It is unknown exactly what Stan's brush with the law was.

He is a chubby, unattractive man with long hair and a tone of voice that indicates nasal congestion.

During his stay in the joint, Stan asks the band for some food, and is given a piece of cake by Jesse.

According to himself, Stan was responsible for the success of numerous rock stars, including Jimi Hendrix, Gene Simmons, and Sid Vicious. He entertains the band with stories of his involvement with the evolution of rock and roll, and with the exception of Trent, snows them completely. He also claims to have introduced rice to the Japanese.

Stan is allowed to work off his debt to society by serving as lead singer for Mystik Spiral at the Sheriff's daughter's birthday party.


First Appearance: Speedtrapped