"You know, my uncle's the manager of this hotel. So if there's anything you need - anything at all - just let me know."

Bellhop at the Grand Hotel.

Bobby greets the Morgendorffers when they are compelled to stay in a hotel while their house is being repainted due to fire damage. He takes an immediate shine to Quinn, who reciprocates in kind.

He claims to be the nephew of the manager, and uses his "influence" to obtain favors for Quinn, beginning with free room service (Daria eats it) and culminating with an upgrade to the Presidential Suite, where her friends in the Fashion Club join in the fun.

Quinn's friends agree that Bobby is cute (Sandi rather grudgingly). In her typical jealous fashion, Sandi goes so far as to suggest that Bobby might be a stalker, which Quinn emphatically denies.

After the room upgrade, Bobby suggests that Quinn can repay him by agreeing to go to dinner with him on Saturday night, to which she agrees.

It turns out that Bobby is a fraud - he has no uncle working at the hotel. In fact, he was charging the favors to Jake and Helen, then removing the charges by breaking into the hotel's computer. Quinn is shocked to the core - she almost went out with a computer geek!


First Appearance: Fire!