"Hey, did you guys see the game on Sunday? Did the Cowboys kick ass?"

Kevin's father.

Mr. Thompson is, well, exactly what you'd expect the father of a football-obsessed idiot teenager to be like. He is an over-testosteroned thirty-something balding slab of beef who likes to show off and be the center of attention. He drinks beer straight from the keg and enjoys the sort of lowbrow humor that is popular at drunken fraternity parties.

It is fairly obvious that Mr. Thompson is not a lot smarter than his son, as he sets himself on fire during a barbecue party. He relates very well to Kevin's fellow football-player classmates, particularly the three J's.

Mr. Thompson throws an annual Lawndale High football barbecue at his home - it is unknown whether he's only been doing this for as long as Kevin's been attending Lawndale, or whether he plans to keep doing it after Kevin graduates (or drops out).

During a long talk with O'Neill, Mr. Thompson shows he is concerned about Kevin's academic performance. His solution to the problem is for O'Neill to simply let Kevin pass so he can keep playing football. O'Neill, in an uncharacteristic show of backbone, refuses to do so. When Mr. Thompson threatens him, Ms. Barch shows up and beats the holy living crap out of Mr. Thompson.

He is married to Charlene.  They have no other children.


First Appearance: Mart of Darkness