"Well, that ornery bull caught sight of my red shirt and that was about it. He must have chased me around that pasture ten times before I could climb over the fence!"

No last name known. A hitchhiking country-western singer. Not to be confused with the canary of the same name.

Travis is picked up on the side of the road by Quinn while she and Daria are on their way to bail the band out of jail in Fremont. They eventually drop him off at Mad Dawg's Country and Western Bar. Despite Daria's fears, Travis doesn't turn out to be an insane murderer, but he does prove less than absolutely trustworthy.

He is a tall cowboy with blond hair, considered cute by Quinn. Travis "entertains" her and Daria with Conway Twitty music, which Quinn pretends to enjoy for the sake of flirtation. He also claims to have once been chased by a bull because he was wearing a red shirt, insisting it's true even after Daria points out that he's simply describing a scene from "Little House on the Prairie". Quinn claims he's Sandi's cousin from Memphis, but this is unlikely to be true.

Travis shows remarkable cheerfulness in the face of Daria's sarcastic barbs. This may be because he's grateful for the ride, trying to be cool in front of Quinn, or simply too dumb to get it.

Travis encourages Quinn to purchase a cute little western outfit, and "borrows" the remainder of their money for a bus ticket. At first, Daria assumes he stole it outright, but Quinn reveals the truth. One can assume that Daria was somewhat angry at Travis for taking advantage of thoughtless little Quinn, as she runs over his suitcase with the car upon seeing him at the side of the road later on.


First Appearance: Speedtrapped