"So, Brittany, you up for a test drive?"

No last name given. Salesman at Honest Lee's New and Used Autos.

Wally is a used car salesman, which sums up his character pretty well right there. He is approached by Jane and Brittany, who are working together on a class project which involves going through the motions of buying a car. Being a sleazy sort of guy, he immediately takes a shine to Brittany and flirts with her relentlessly. While Jane asks a number of relevant questions about cars, Wally tries to tempt Brittany into taking a ride with him.

Wally dresses in a leisure suit and loud yellow shirt, unbuttoned to show his chest hair.

He eventually offers them a car at $100 over dealer's cost, presumably because he wishes to have sex with Brittany. He later stops by Jane's house to pick up Brittany, and offers her a "test drive" in a new Vexer. He then invites Brittany to a convention in the Bahamas. It is unknown whether she accepted.

After Kevin returns his accidental purchase (the aforementioned new Vexer) Wally tries to sell it to Brittany for half price, sparking off an argument between them.


First Appearance: Partner's Complaint