"I'd never call you The Man, man. 'Man' maybe, but not The Man."

Old friend of Jake and Helen's.  Married to Willow.

Coyote knew Jake and Helen back in their hippie days - the thing is, he doesn't seem to have left those days behind him. He and his wife Willow have clung tenaciously (or desperately) to their flower-child roots, driving an original Volkswagen Beatle and making a "living" by selling hammocks made from hemp fibers. They meditate in the inverted lotus flower position every morning.

Coyote suggests that Jake has become somewhat aggressive, and claims to remember a far more mellow and laid back Jake. However, there's a lot to suggest that he's looking at the past either through rose-colored glasses or a marijuana haze, because Jake was definitely a short-tempered then as he is now. For instance, Coyote and Willow were present on an occasion when they and some of their hippie friends attempted to lift the Pentagon off the ground through the power of their thoughts, and Jake became frustrated enough to kick the building's foundation and break his foot.

The Yeagers once shared a group home with Jake, Helen, and a number of their friends. After the Morgendorffers left their hippie friends behind, Coyote and Willow moved out into the desert in a custom-painted bus.

During their visit with the modern Morgendorffers, Coyote and Willow suggest several times that Jake and Helen have lost their way and bought into the corporate society (which is true, in a way). After a while, Coyote breaks down and admits that he hates his car, his lifestyle, and particularly not flushing every time to conserve water. Jake promises to teach him how to play golf, and Coyote gets excited about the idea of riding around in the golf cart. Jake also gives him a little marketing consulting so he can move his hammock business forward.

Coyote and Willow have a son, Ethan.


First Appearance: That Was Then, This Is Dumb