"Whatever happened to that mellow, let it be attitude you used to have?"

An old friend of Jake and Helen. Married to Coyote Yeager.

Willow, like her husband Coyote, is still practicing the ideology of the sixties: macramé, auras, hand-kneaded bread, etc. The two of them were tight with the Morgendorffers back in their hippie days. She and her husband meditate in the inverted lotus flower position every morning, and she makes and bottles her own berry juice - fermented, if Jake's reaction means anything.

She declares that Daria has a very old soul, which she is apparently able to tell by looking deeply into her eyes.

Willow prefers hand-kneaded bread, which she claims has more "soul". She is also a vegetarian, as is her husband, and is shocked when Jake suggests they have some burgers - she suggests that eating meat is making him aggressive and that he used to be a lot mellower. There is much to support that she's not entirely accurate about Jake's attitude having changed much, as she was there when they tried to life the Pentagon with mental power alone, and Jake became frustrated enough to kick the building.

The Yeagers once shared a group home with Jake, Helen, and a number of other people. Willow and Helen would often discuss the liberation of women.

During their visit with the Modern Morgendorffers, Willow and Coyote indicate on several occasions that Jake and Helen have lost touch with their old ways and have become slaves to modern society - which is true enough. However, Willow soon finds herself admitting that she hates kneading bread by hand, and becomes even angrier when she falls in the compost heap she and Helen were making. Helen gives her a bread machine and introduces her to frozen bagels.

Willow and Coyote have a son, Ethan.


First Appearance: That Was Then, This Is Dumb