November 26, 2006
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Before getting started with the update, there are a few pieces of important news I need to cover:

First, all glitterberries.com e-mail addresses will cease to function in December. The company my domain name is registered through has decided to start charging extra for e-mail forwarding, and I have chosen not to take on this extra cost. So effective immediately, please send all correspondence to kemicalreaxion@yahoo.com. Due to the size constraints of this account, please be sure to size down your images before sending them and .ZIP large files if possible. This will help ensure that e-mails don't start bouncing, especially since I am finding myself with less and less time to check my e-mail.

Which leads me to my other bit of news. As you may already know, I've decided to take a break from updating this site for the next six months or so. I haven't really elaborated on the reasons for this hiatus, so I want to shed a little light on that now. I am getting married in April of next year. It's a very exciting time, but also a very busy time, as I'm discovering that planning a wedding actually takes work. Go figure! ;-) Anyway, I know that it will only get busier from here on out, which is why I've decided to step away from the website for awhile, to give myself the time to work on more important things and keep the focus where it belongs.

I am by no means throwing in the towel for good, though. I fully intend on getting back into the updating game again once things have settled down, so feel free to continue to submit your work during this time. Just please understand that it will be quite awhile before it gets posted here. I deeply appreciate all the support you've all given me over the years and look forward to coming back to the site you've all helped build and continue to celebrate all things Daria. Thank you so much for everything. Peace, y'all!

- Kem


Brother Grimace
• A Path Of Roses And Thorns
• A Path Of Roses And Thorns, Part II
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Chris Smith
• Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Ever Have: The Reese Kaine Files
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Crazy Nutso
• Removed all fics, per author's request

• Cries for Help
• The Call of Quinnthulhu

• A Little Help From Your Fiends*
• Open Windows: The Interesting Life and Times of Daria Morgendorffer
• Open Windows: Folk and Foolishness
• Removed most fics, per author's request

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Richard Lobinske
• Saving Hope
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• A Little Help From Your Fiends
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• Essay: Rita Is Better Than Helen or Amy! A Reasoned Defense of Rita Barksdale of ‘Daria’ [Revised]
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Fan Art

Angel de Muerte
Daria dressed as Six-String Samurai, from the movie of the same name Jane Lane looking like William Blake from the movie 'Dead man' Jessica-like Daria

Removed most fanart, per artist's request

Kemical Reaxion
Daria in pigtails, from the episode 'Pinch Sitter'

Psycho Tol
Quinnthulhu in flight ['The Call of Quinnthulhu' by Dervish]

Quinn as a tennis player about to hit a ball Quinn as a tennis player serving


• Posted winner and all entries for Sick, Sad World contest.
• Posted results of poll.
• Removed guestbook.
• Posted results of The Reality Show Poll.*