October 3, 2004


The She-Tiger
A Step Too Far
Iron Cynic
One Day is All I Ask
The Flies
Deadpan Master
The Steel Jaguar God Battle Oxidiser X Series
Go Steel Jaguar God Battle Oxidiser X
Critical Mass

Frank Harbuck
The Lawndale Factor

Ranger Thorne
Daria's Web
Once Bitten

Richard Lobinske
Falling Into College
Quinn the Tutor
Nineteen in Ninety-Nine
Home for Thanksgiving
Winterís Eve
Holiday Breaks
Chosin Fate
Art Frieze

Fan Art

Kemical Reaxion
Jane as the Morton Salt girl [Individuals, Jane]

Richard Lobinske
Daria in her formal gown ["Succeeding in Your World" by Richard Lobinske]

Shinto Red
(formerly S. Red)
Updated: Sandi reaching for the elevator's emergency door ["Outage" by Mike Yamiolkoski]


Updated Fanart Submission Guidelines & removed artwork that violates new rule
Updated Fanfic Submission Guidelines & removed fan fiction that violates new rules
Re-arranged links page and removed broken links
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