Galen Hardesty

The Whole Truth Can Daria recover from professional psychiatric care and loving parental concern? Will she have to tell them stuff? Will sadistic fanfic authors ever tire of throwing the poor thing in the Loony Bin?
Emancipation Daria and Jane try to wangle some free time for Jodie. Daria experiences an unusual natural phenomenon, and some other unusual stuff.
Blood Oath of Patriots Daria achieves greater understanding of Mr. O'Neill, who asks her to write another Melody story to jumpstart the coffeehouse. Inspired by Kevin, Daria writes a crossover fic.
By Any Other Name Daria torments Kevin. Jane torments Daria. Daria & Jane torment O'Neill. Kevin torments most of the faculty. Quinn develops literary taste. Melody struggles back from Death's door as Daria slips closer to the shadowy underworld of darkest Lawndale. Mind games and game fixing abound in part 2 of this Epic Miniseries..
Smackdown Ms. Li's spying backfires as Daria and Jane decide to take back the restroom.
The Beaches of Barksdale Helen declares a family bonding day at the beach, wrecking Daria's long-planned museum trip with Jane. Daria pulls out (almost) all the stops to make sure it doesn't happen again.
A Date With Death A poem by Daria for Mr. O'Neill's class
Le Diner Chez Daria Lunch with 13 year old Daria and 12 year old Quinn.
Reindeer Bait Daria gives Quinn a pre-Christmas present.
Brainworms From Outer Space Daria fools Quinn- a little too well.
On a High Note Glenn bids Daria farewell. He tries to give her a spectacular sendoff.
The Warrior Awakens A tale of love and beauty and loss and courage.
Scanner A What If story- what if Daria hadnít been quite so patient about the cousin thing?
Down By The River A tale of young Daria involving a family fishing trip gone awry.
The UnHighlander What if the Morgendorffers hadnít left Highland?
The Picture of Daria's Rear Jane needs money for BFAC. Can Daria help?
Blood on the Asphalt Be especially careful crossing Iroquois Street.
Once Upon a Time in the Future Another Daria reads Daria's diary.
A Date For Harold Harold finally gets a date with Quinn.
A Trip to the Mall A shopping trip takes a strange turn.
The Luckiest Day Daria has a lot of luck.
Moving On Sandi makes a career move, with a little help from her friends.
I Heard The Dogwhistle Bird Today In Spring, Jake's fancy turns to thoughts of Lawn Care... and other things.
Teen Angel Chuck meets a Celestial being.
Bessie The Red-Eyed Mad Cow Daria, Jane, and Quinn are back in Lawndale for Christmas break.
A Gupty Christmas What toys are safe, educational, and PC enough for sweet young Tricia and Tad Gupty?
A Little Knowledge Sandi picks up some free advice that Daria didn't know she gave.