Damien's Day at Lawndale Hell A new kid comes to Lawndale. And only Daria can speak to him.
No More Deviants Lawndale gets two more freaks. Damien's brother and big sister. And we find out what Damien did to Mr. Schneider.
Casting Call Under a renewed threat of flute lessons, Daria is forced to join an extracurricular. What does the School Anti-Spirit club talk her into doing?
Why Don't You Get A Job? Lawndale High students help out at the "Five Banners Grand Country" amusement park to get funding for the school play.
Relatively True Daria makes an out of context comment that convinces Kevin -- and, later, the rest of the school -- that the Kinsingtons practice incest. Will they be able to resolve the issue without resorting to murder one?