The following series of stories follows Daria in her life after leaving high school. While the stories follow a linear timeline the spacing of events is not regular. Sometimes only a few days will pass between stories and other times the span will be years. The series spans twenty-one installments. To access each chapter click on each stories title.

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Now here are the chapters.

Slip Up: As Daria ends her first year in college she has an accident and discovers a sad fact about herself.

Jane's Lane: During Quinnís wedding Daria learns that Jane is pregnant.

A.D.: This time Quinn is pregnant and Daria has to come to terms with her sister and her condition.

Bedtime Story: Young Quinn refuses to sleep. Itís Daria to the rescue.

Birthday Girl: Daria helps Young Quinn celebrate her fifth birthday.

Hello Daria: Tragedy strikes the Morgendorffers. Dariaís life changes again.

Quinn: A late night call from Jane starts Daria remembering.

Words: Quinn asks Daria for help with her vocabulary.

Mother's Day: A bittersweet day for the Morgendorffers.

Return to Lawndale: Big changes for both Daria and Quinn.

Appendicitis: Quinnís emergency surgery has unexpected side effects.

Period of Adjustment: After Daria and Stan return from their honeymoon Quinn has to adapt to a man in the house.

Eww Gross, Anatomy: Quinn spends the summer at the hospital with Stan.

Road Trip: Daria and Jane visit their kids at college.

Paging Dr. Morgendorffer: During graduation, Quinnís mind wanders.

Sofa: Another loss in the family.

Wedding Belle: Quinnís getting married.

J.S.M.: Daria is looking forward to the arrival of her grandchild.

Holding on and Letting go: Daria says goodbye again.

Home: Quinn and her family move back to Lawndale.

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