"Anyway, color is not something you just fling around like a dog marking its territory."

No last name given. One of the artists at the Ashfield Community for the Arts.

Caroline is one of several stuck-up, superior-acting girls Jane meets during her summer at an artist's colony. She shares a house along with Jane, Jett, Ana´s, and Paris. She has short brown hair done in a trendy style.

When Jane first arrives, Caroline is involved in a heated discussion about the quality of Fauvism, and claims that you can evaluate art outside the context of its time - if it's good.

Caroline is among the girls smitten with Daniel Dotson, and though it's unclear that she actually has sexual relations with him, clues definitely point in that direction. Daniel compliments her work at one point, and she responds by showering him with flattery, much to the chagrin of Paris (who already had her fling with Daniel).

(Note: Assuming Jane was introduced to her housemates in right to left order, Caroline is the girl described above. She is not actually referred to directly by name at any point.)


First Appearance: Is It Fall Yet?