"Now girls, I want you to rub your hands over those virile young chests. You want them, they want you, all that is left is to find a place to let desire run free!"

Representative of the Amazon Modeling Agency. Works with Ramonica DeGregory.

Has some kind of European accent, probably French, and probably fake. While it's never actually stated that he's gay, it's more than likely.

Claude felt that Daria had a terrific look (pouty, waiflike) until Daria accused him and Ramonica of being scam artists (which they probably are). He also said Quinn had perfect boobs, for which Jake wanted to kill him.

He felt Kevin might have some talent, which indicates how clueless he was. He also encouraged the boys to take their shirts off and had the girls rub their chests, at which point Quinn rebelled, but still held firm to the idea that she might win.

In the end, Claude was left wondering what he ever saw in Kevin.


First Appearance: This Year's Model