"I don't have time to ride herd on every stupid man in this county. Especially judges."

No name given. Police officer based in Fremont.

A generally jovial and accommodating fellow, this deputy pulls over the Tank when it swerves over the double-yellow line a couple of times. Jane gets the entire incident on tape, hoping to capture some footage of the cop being intimidating, but he just acts goofy in front of the camera - even when Jane invites him to beat up on Max a bit.

He loses some of his good-natured attitude when he finds Jane doing temporary tattoos on her cellmate, using a green pen to draw the American Flag. The Deputy takes offense at the fact that the flag is the wrong color, and Jane gets a trip to the Sheriff.

He has at least one child, a little girl named Tina, who forgives Jane for saying what a jerk her father is because she knows that he's a totally different person while on duty.


First Appearance: Speedtrapped