"This is a camp! A place parents send their kids to get them out of their hair for a few weeks."

No first name given. Former (and perhaps current) head counselor at Camp Grizzly.

Mr. Potts seems a likeable enough person - as the head counselor or director at Camp Grizzly, he welcomes a number of now teenaged kids to a reunion, which includes Daria and Quinn. Unfortunately, it also includes Skip Stevens, who shows such overwhelming camp spirit and enthusiasm that it even wears on Mr. Potts. In fact, Mr. Potts becomes exasperated with Skip almost from moment one.

That aside, he goes through the customary pleasantries of being happy to see everyone and encouraging them to eventually send any "cubs" of their own to Camp Grizzly when the time comes.

Back in the days when Daria and Quinn attended the camp, Mr. Potts organized a number of activities for the campers. One of these was a game involving swimming after a greased watermelon.

When the campers finally turn against Skip, Mr. Potts turns down his request for aid, telling Skip that he takes the whole thing way too seriously and he should just lighten up. It's good advice, even if Skip chooses not to follow it.


First Appearance: Camp Fear