"What can I say? You build a top law firm, you're bound to pick up a few tricks along the way."

One of the partners at Vitale, Davis, Horowitz, Riordan, Schrecter, Schrecter, and Schrecter Attorneys at Law, and Helen's boss.

Eric is a high-strung, demanding sort of man who makes sure he gets every possible ounce of productivity out of Helen Morgendorffer, who's a workaholic by nature as it is. He seemingly calls her cell phone on an hourly basis to discuss whatever case they're currently working on, and Helen is always ready to put in the extra hours.

He has a niece, Jasmine, and presumably two other relatives at work - it is unknown what his relationship is to the two other Schrecters. No other family information is available. His niece was once tutored by David Sorenson, and Eric recommended David to Helen when Helen was shopping for a tutor for Quinn.

Eric dangles the carrot of partnership in front of Helen to get more and more work out of her, but has never actually promoted her. He is particularly impressed with how she's willing to neglect her family to keep chugging away at work. It is possible that he has unprofessional feelings for her, but this is not confirmed outside of his admission that he thinks she's "swell". He is not above shallow flattery, saying that he sleeps better at night knowing Helen's on the job.

On one significant occasion, he arranged for Helen and the rest of her family to spend time at the company retreat, where they were essentially psychoanalyzed. Eric became convinced that Helen was partner material, and put her on the fast track (or, he might have just been saying that to increase her productivity even further).

Eric has a problem with prescription amphetamines, and on more than one occasion has had to take a "28 day vacation" to clear his system.

Every year, Eric throws a Superbowl party. Jake dreads this event.

Eric has suggested that he is not only one of the partners but one of the founding members of the firm.

Eric's appearance is based on the Chairman of MTV Networks.


First Appearance: Pierce Me