"Quinn, look. When I go out, it has to be with someone who has -- how can I put this? A certain amount of... depth."

Quinn's tutor.

David is a college student in Lawndale, and has the unenviable summer job of teaching Quinn about History and English Literature (and perhaps a number of other subjects). He is hired by Helen due to a recommendation from Eric Schrecter - David also tutored his niece Jasmine.

At first, David despairs of being able to teach Quinn anything, as Quinn doesn't actually seem interested. He actually becomes angry with her over her seeming indifference insofar as whether she actually learns enough to go to college, and particularly her statement that she doesn’t actually care. David is all set to walk out and leave Quinn to a fate of complete brain atrophy when she takes back her words and admits she does care. He decides to give her a second chance.

David lets Helen know right from the start of his tutoring job that he needs the support of "involved parents" thus making Helen feel a little "on the spot."

When the rest of the Fashion Club gets the idea that Quinn having a tutor is actually increasing her popularity, each of them hires David to tutor them as well. David drops Sandi when she insists on holding the session at the mall, he drops Tiffany when she keeps adjusting her makeup during the session, and Stacy runs off crying when she realizes all her friends are no longer being tutored. One cannot help but feel a little sorry for David by this point.

Eventually, Quinn actually learns the stuff David is teaching her, and she even develops an attraction for him - one that David does not return. Even though he acknowledges that she's attractive, he only dates people with depth, and Quinn, even with her new knowledge, doesn't qualify. He invites her to correspond with him later - it is unknown whether she follows up.

David is familiar with Dante's Divine Comedy, and presumably many other works of classical literature. He loans a copy of "Ethan Frome" to Quinn.


First Appearance: Is It Fall Yet?