"A lot of guys try to distract their dates from their toupees by leaving big tips."

No last name given.  Waitress at Governor's Park restaurant.

Shauna is seen counting her tips and commenting on what a successful night she's had, whereupon Quinn launches into her theory on how guys tend to tip in diminishing amounts depending on which date it is. Shauna thinks Quinn is really funny. She is invited by Lindey to a party that weekend, which Quinn also attends.

At the party, Shauna relates the urban legend about falling asleep and waking up with a major organ having been stolen, except she tells it as if it happened to a friend of hers.

Later, she is asked to work as hostess when the manager at Governor's Park takes Quinn and Lindey into the back to question them about a alcoholic drink he found at the hostess station.


First Appearance: Is It College Yet?