"College is absolutely essential. The concerts and parties are so much better."

No last name given. Quinn's friend.

Lindey is a college girl who worked at Governor's Park restaurant as a hostess. She befriends Quinn when Quinn starts working with her.

She takes Quinn to a party hosted by her and her roommate where Quinn makes a remark about someone's clothes that was meant to be disparaging, but Lindey interprets it as positive, and says she hopes Quinn isn't the sort who would knock on someone for their choice of style. They also go to the movies together.

Lindey has something of a drinking problem - she's probably not a full-fledged alcoholic, but is definitely tending that way. Her mother was an alcoholic, and Lindey figures that as long as she doesn't get that bad, she doesn't have a problem. From time to time, she'll quit drinking for a week just to prove she can do it. Unfortunately, she is caught drinking on the job and is fired - but not before she tries to falsely accuse Quinn in her place. Quinn forgives her for this, but approaches her about having a problem, which angers Lindey to the point that she almost terminates their friendship.

She meets Upchuck after seeing a movie with Quinn (and getting tipsy on a bottle she snuck into the theater). It's the surest sign that her drinking is a problem that she finds him funny and cute.

Lindey seems to feel that the basic purpose of college is to go to parties and concerts. However, she expresses disgust at the fact that "Boys are Guys" are coming.

She enjoys working with stained glass and makes a mirror for Quinn with her favorite colors.

Note: During the ending credits to IICY, Lindey is depicted as having settled down with Alison, Jane's friend from Art Camp who happens to be bisexual. However, there is no indication in the actual movie that Lindey has lesbian tendencies of any kind.


First Appearance: Is It College Yet?