"You're kidding, right? You think I'm going to talk to you?"

Former student at Lawndale High, now deceased.

Tommy was Quarterback of the Lawndale Lions a few years before Daria was there. His trademark was to run in the touchdown himself, wave to the crowd, and hit the goalpost. Although he was once hospitalized after such an occasion, he came back a few days later and led the team to the State Championship.

He had a few classes with Trent, but they didn't know each other, as neither of them showed up to class very often.

Years later, he returned to Lawndale High to accept the honor of a goalpost named after him. Tommy proved himself to be an arrogant and conceited jerk, propositioning or insulting everyone he met. Then, after Daria told him off (and vice-versa) he went out to the football field to look at his goalpost, leaving Daria and Jane alone to wish he were dead. Even as they said this, the goalpost fell on him and killed him, leaving Daria and Jane freaked out.

After his untimely demise, Tommy Sherman was somehow remembered as a hero by almost everyone, particularly Kevin - only Daria seemed to be able to maintain perspective, making her temporarily the most popular person in the school.

O'Neill referred to him as "Tommy Sheridan" during the services held at the school, presumably another example of O'Neill's hopelessness with the names of the students.

Since the goalpost was destroyed, a tree was planted in Tommy Sherman's memory. The tree was later destroyed by Kevin and his moped. Due to Kevin's injuries and a rumor that Tommy Sherman's ghost was haunting the school, the football team's performance dropped precipitously. His "ghost" is finally appeased when Brittany plants one of Kevin's crutches in place of the fallen tree. The crutch miraculously sprouts a blossom.


First Appearance: The Misery Chick