"How about you, Daria? I'll bet you have something fun planned for the summer."

Tom's father.

Angier Sloane meets Daria when the Sloane family unexpectedly shows up at their club, where Tom and Daria are dining. Not much is known about him, as he is only seen for a few moments.

Angier works for the firm of Grace, Sloane, and Page, presumably an investment firm. He met Andrew Landon at one time, when Andrew was applying for membership at the Winged Tree Country Club - perhaps the same club where Daria and Tom dined.

He plays chess while visiting with Tom's uncle at the Cove - it is unknown whether the uncle is on Angier's or his wife Kay's side.

Angier apparently likes to wear shoes long after they might be considered unfit to wear, a trait that Tom shares. This annoys Kay to a certain extent.


First Appearance: Is It Fall Yet?