"Daria, what can we do to get into your good graces?"

Tom's mother.

Kay Sloane is friendly in a formal way, a "gracious hostess" so to speak. She meets Daria for the first time at the Winged Tree Club.

Not much information is available on Kay. It is known that she participates in a large number of fund raisers, and she seems to be accustomed to the company of those who are wealthy like herself. She is also on the board at the Winged Tree Country Club, and meets Andrew Landon when he applies for membership. She assumes Daria goes to Fielding, Tom's prep school, and is somewhat taken aback when she learns Daria attends Lawndale. Still, she likes Daria better than Jane as a girlfriend for Tom.

Kay invites Helen and Jake to a fundraiser on one occasion, mentioning in an offhand manner that tickets are $1000 per seat. This would indicate that she's not used to dealing with those who simply can't afford that sort of thing.

Kay drives Tom and Daria up to Newtown to check out Bromwell University, where she and her husband Angier both attended (they met at an outdoor Carpenter's concert). The stay at Bromwell turns out to take rather longer than originally anticipated, and this in addition to sudden rain, lots of traffic, and Kay's timid driving combines to make them late for their visit to Boston where Daria's choices for colleges are. Daria ends up resenting Kay a bit for this, but holds her tongue on the matter.

Kay prefers her tea with two sugars and a tiny slice of lemon placed on the saucer.


First Appearance: Is It Fall Yet?