"Hi! I'm Ashley-Amber!"

Brittany's stepmother.

Ashley-Amber is a lot like Brittany is likely to be in ten years: bubbly, cute, outgoing, a little shy of brains, and married to a much older man for his money.

When Daria first meets her, she assumes Ashley-Amber is Brittany's older sister. This confuses poor Ashley-Amber, who wonders who this mysterious older sister could be.

Ashley-Amber used to be a poster model for St. Peter Girl Beer, where he catch phrase was "I'll Cure What 'Ales' You!"

She loves malls, because they play such happy music.

Ashley-Amber describes Trent and Mystik Spiral as "cute".

According to "The Daria Database", Ashley-Amber met Steve Taylor on a photo shoot (it is unknown why Steve was there). Also according to the book, she is stringing him along with the plan to eventually divorce him and take a large settlement. She enjoys rollerblading with Brittany in the meantime.


First Appearance: The Old and the Beautiful