"Anyone at home in that rotting bag of flesh?"

Goth chick, Lawndale High student.

Andrea is something of a cipher. She writes dark poetry, drinks whiskey, and spent at least some time working at PayDay, the local warehouse store. She is even more outcast and silent than Daria and Jane.

When Quinn tries to enlist her help in raising money to get plastic surgery for herself, Andrea suggests that Quinn is on the road to hell, indicating that she doesn’t think much of her. She is initially bothered by Upchuck as well, calling him a "Howdy-Doody looking freak".

While working at PayDay, Andrea ran into Daria and Jane - more precisely, she did what she could to avoid them, and was finally caught. It seems that she was embarrassed about her job at the store which her parents forced her to get, and wanted to avoid Daria and Jane's usual cuttingly sarcastic remarks about the situation. This would indicate that Andrea definitely pays attention to what goes on around her, even if she doesn't generally comment on it. She is pleasantly surprised when Daria and Jane agree to never having seen her.

Andrea is hit on by Upchuck at Jodie's graduation party - and, astonishingly, it works. Upchuck himself is as surprised as anyone when she walks off with him arm in arm. It is unknown how their relationship progresses from there, but they do sit next to each other at graduation.

Her total number of lines in the entire series could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Perhaps because of her mystery, she has gained a following among fans.

According to "The Daria Database" she also writes and draws a comic strip about Queen Hecuba, all the characters of which are based on people she knows at Lawndale (this has given rise to the speculation that Andrea's last name is "Hecuba" but there is no direct evidence of this). From the comic strip, we can surmise that she hates Upchuck (which is later contradicted), doesn’t care much for Kevin and Brittany either, and has some respect for Ms. Barch that does not extend to other members of the Lawndale faculty. The leading character, based on Andrea herself, mentions a brother Damien - it is possible that Andrea does have such a brother, but again there is no other evidence for this.


First Appearance: Esteemsters