"Jake, tell me. What are your thoughts about how clickstream convergence impacts bandwidth exploitation? Give me your e-vision, not what you think the digerati want to hear."

President of

Noah hires Jake Morgendorffer to work at his internet start-up company. It's never made entirely clear what it is that he hires Jake to do, or even what it is that his company does - it is described as a firm that provides tools to help other internet startups maximize their potential and expand the virtual marketplace.

A young man with spiky white hair, Noah is very into progressive thinking and forward-moving strategizing, not to mention a number of other power phrases and buzz words. His company, like several other .com companies at the close of the 90s, became huge overnight and made him extremely rich at the age of 24 - along with all the other employees who got in on the stock offering (Jake came on board a bit late). He compels his employees to meet an eighty hour work week, but this is not as bad as it sounds as no one in his company seems to do any actual work.

While Noah is initially impressed by Jake's excitement and use of similar catch phrases to his own, he eventually realizes that Jake doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he's talking about. At that point, he hires Jake as a consultant instead.

Noah is into strange food and drink like "kombucha" and chocolate-covered coffee beans.

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First Appearance: Sappy Anniversary