"Who is that weird girl over there with your parents?"

No last name given. Old friend of Quinn's from Camp Grizzly.

Cindy seems to be an analog of Stacy from Quinn's youth. Along with two other girls named Tracy and Tatiana, they served essentially the same purpose that in more modern times is served by the fashion club - Quinn's popular, manipulative, and jealous "friends" with whom she is hardly ever seen without.

Cindy noticed Daria after Quinn ran up to meet the trio for the first time, and asked who that cold be. Quinn responded that Daria was her cousin, thus beginning a long tradition of familial denial.

During the reunion, Cindy (along with her friends) gets upset over the idea of going on a hike, claiming they never had to do it when they were at camp. Quinn reminds her that they had hikes all the time, but the four of them just never went on them.


First Appearance: Camp Fear