"So I said, I don't care how dangerous it is, I will *not* go out in a boat wearing one of those unflattering orange-colored things."

No last name given. Old friend of Quinn's from Camp Grizzly.

Tracy seems to be an analog of Sandi from Quinn's youth. Along with two other girls named Cindy and Tatiana, they served essentially the same purpose that in more modern times is served by the fashion club - Quinn's popular, manipulative, and jealous "friends" with whom she is hardly ever seen without.

Quinn approached Tracy for the first time to point out that they both had the same backpack, but Tracy quickly deflated her by pointing out that Quinn's was merely an imitation (whether it actually was is unknown). Quinn responded by saying she liked Tracy's hair.

During their time at camp, Tracy was once approached by Skip Stevens to join in a game which involved chasing after a greased watermelon in the lake. Tracy responded that she and her friends "don't do grease".

At the reunion, Quinn and Tracy are reminiscing when it is revealed that Quinn ditched a square dance by sneaking off with Alex Kroger - who was supposed to be Tracy's date. She is upset enough to storm off and leave Quinn without a ride home.


First Appearance: Camp Fear